Microbe free rayon cotton odorless functional yarn

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Microbe free rayon cotton odorless functional yarn
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    Microbe free rayon cotton odorless functional yarn


    • Pattern:Dyed
    • Style:Core Spun Yarn,Feather Yarn
    • Technique:Ring Spun
    • Type:Spun
    • Use:Knitting,Sewing,Weaving
    • Brand Name:R/C I-SKIN
    • Dye:Dope Dyed
    • Evenness:Evenness
    • Feature:Anti-static, Anti-UV
    • Model Number:R/C I-SKIN
    • Pattern:Dyed
    • Strength:Strong
    • Technics:Open End / OE
    • Twist:Z
    • Type:Cotton Blended Yarn
    • Wicking:Cotton/Rayon Anti-stactic
    • Yarn Count:32'S

    Key Features

    Quick Details

    Product Type: Blended Yarn
    Type: Cotton Blended Yarn
    Material: Rayon / Cotton
    Pattern: Dyed
    Style: Feather Yarn
    Technics: Open End / OE
    Use: Knitting, Sewing, Weaving
    Feature: Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Static, Anti-UV, Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Absorbent
    Evenness: Eveness
    Twist: z
    Yarn Count: 32'S
    Strength: Strong
    Place of Origin: Taiwan
    Brand Name: R/C I-SKIN
    Model Number: R/C I-SKIN
    Anti-UV Anti-bacteria White: COTTON functional odor free
    Wicking: Cotton/Rayon Anti-stactic
    Eco-Friendly: Eco-Friendly Yarn
    Dope Dye Anti-bacteria: SPECIAL yarn


    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details: 1 Carton Boxes 27KG
    Delivery Detail: Running Stock 2000 KG



    It is the function fibers yarn. It is designed with four functions including watery sense, double protection, wicking and anti-UV. Many products in the market only add post-production additive and will not last long enough. We liquidize the mineral elements into masterbatch before direct spinning. Besides we embed the particle features in yarn . Therefore it takes effect for a long time no matter how many times you wash it.  The effects have the same lifespan as fabric. Suitable for sports and a variety of outdoor activities.

    Watery sense
    We use this exclusive technology to blend crystal silicon and other trace element into yarn. And also by increasing water content of the fiber, it provides user to have more cozy feeling.

    Perspiration and breathability
    It can discharge sweat to the outer layer of fabric without any stickiness and body burden.

    Blocking the UV Ray from the Sun, reducing the burden on our body. Besides it becomes more sun-resistant with the increasing times of washing.


    special interduce polyester

    50D / 48F; PET-DTY; Z Twist; Section Shape→O
    75D / 72F; PET-DTY; Z Twist; Section Shape→+
    150D / 144F; PET-DTY; Z Twist; Section Shape→+
    1. The specific multi layer of silica in natural crystal with excellent heat conductivity.
    2. Release 2 Potasium ions & with anti static property.
    3. Increase the moisture content of Polyester fiber & create excellent cool touch.





    Company Information


    We are the first yarn manufacturer using liquidized Zinc Oxide.
    After years of research and development, we finally have the technology to combine Zinc Oxide and other trace elements into master batch before yarn spinning. 
    The effects on yarn are permanent without losing any efficacy after repeating wash.
    It also reduces product rejection rate compare with traditional powder dispersion technique. These make Talent Yarn a truly Eco-friendly and multi-functions yarn on the market.

    Why use the liquidized Zinc Oxide technology?
    1. Permanent effects without losing any efficacy after wash.
    2. Eliminate powder grinding defect
    3. Improve the dyeing efficiency.
    4. Decrease the dark mark from dyeing.
    5. Reduce production costs, time and waste.
    6. ECO-Friendly, isolable in water

    Benefit for Zinc Oxide

    1. Strong moisture absorption function that can discharge sweat and let the sweat spread off faster.
    2. Keeping the skin dry and comfortable perpetually.
    3. The material is comfortable, soft and easy to wash.

    Sample Time & Charges
    1. Ready samples could be offered immediately
    2. Free sample by customer freight prepaid (DHL/FEDEX/UPS/EMS A/C)

    Certificate & Test Report
    1. D.O.H. Medicine of Certificate No.:002125
    2. Japan Patent No.:3140501
    3. R.O.C. Patent No.:M327368
    4. Oeko-Tex (Environmental of Certificate ) No.: TPWO 052414
    5. SGS for “20 sorts of Microelements” test report No.:US/2007/40362A-01
    6. SGS for “Antibacterial &  Sterilization” test report: TX61675E/2006/PL (after 50 cycles) TX61675B/2006/PL (after 20 cycles) Both the test result was after 50cycle better then after 20cycle by “Antibacterial & Sterilization”.
    7. All the Energy Products have the SGS test of report.
    8. We got a second in the 2008 IIST exhibition contest.
    9. SGS Minus Ion(Negative Ion) 3800 U/cm3 test report: TXD0167/2008/PL
    10. ROC Utility Model Patent: ZL2007 2 01

    Main Product For You To Choose  
    We are OEM manufacturer in Taiwan, specialized in custom-made functional yarn & fabrics with our own hi-tech brand "Talent Yarn". Our product is suitable for indoor / outdoor activity with anti-odor / anti-bacteria / anti-UV / anti-static / cooling / keep-warm, etc. functions.
    1. Basic wear: T- shirt, polo shirt, underwear etc.
    2. Sportswear: Sport t-shirt, sweatshirt, yoga suits etc.
    3. Others: Sock, knee pad, mask, sheet.etc

    Four Elements Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd
    Website: www.talentyarn.com

    TEL: +886-2-25624913
    FAX: +886-2-02-25231390

    Business Scope
    Textile fabric, talent yarn , textile chemicals, eco textile, eco-friendly nylon fabric, bamboo sock, bamboo yarn, Eco-Friendly clothing, Dope Dyed Yarn Polyester, solution dyed nylon yarn , Anti-Bacterial & Cooling Yarn, knitting fabric, Eco-Friendly home textile ,man sock , fabric cloth, Eco Friendly textile, football jersey, Eco Nylon, eco polyester, Crystal 4 in 1 yarn, Cooling Textile, functional fabric, Cooling fabric, Anti-bacterial, Heat tech clothing, carbon fiber yarn, eco hosiery socks, Anti-bacterial cool underwear, knitting yarn, Eco-friendly textile, Eco-friendly nylon yarn DTY, polyester yarn DTY, eco friendly fabric, Multi-Function Yarn, Anti-odor socks, Cool Fabric, Green fabric, yarn nylon, yoga clothing, yoga wear, underwear men, cycling jersey, cycling wear, tennis clothes, outdoor fabric, outdoor textile, cooling vests, anti bacteria socks,under fabric.   Search for textile and fiber distributing agents around the world.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:500 Kilogram/Kilograms

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